Portfolio Prophet Review

by admin on May 7, 2013

10 Minutes per Week to Make Serious Profits from ETF Trading?  Is Bill Poulos Having a Laugh at Our Expense?  But Hold On, Because if you Really Could, Shouldn’t you Take a Moment to Find Out How?  

Read this Portfolio Prophet Review now to find out…

Okay, so the current situation of the global economy has got a lot of people running scared.  After all, volatile markets can lead to serious losses – and it doesn’t take too manyPortfolio Prophet1 Portfolio Prophet Review wrong moves to begin spiraling down that dangerous road to losing far too much money.  So when Bill Poulos tells us that rather than deciding to ease up on our trading we should be using the situation to our advantage, then we knew we had to take a look at what he had on offer.

Read on to discover what we found from the man who’s been providing successful educational products in trading techniques since 2001 or click here to go to the official Portfolio Prophet site.

What do you get for your money?

Profit Portfolio is a physical product – shipped directly to your door.  And make no bones about it, it contains a lot of information.  The following is an overview of what you’ll receive:

  • CD-ROM #1 – Background and Overview.  Exactly as it suggests in the title, this is where you learn the background information necessary to add ETF trading to your portfolio.  You’ll first learn exactly what ETF (Exchange Trade Funds) is all about, and why the “buy and hold” mentality that’s still being advised by financial traders worldwide is dead in the water.  Learn about how collective gains from mini trends are the way forward, and the safest way to get in and out quickly and cleanly, collecting your profits along the way.
  • CD-ROM #2 – Portfolio Prophet Trading and Strategy.  Discover how the software works, why it works and more importantly, how you can take advantage of this. 
  • CD-ROM #3 – Trading Method.  This is where you learn the necessary trading methods, along with the knowledge to customize and tweak to aid you to becoming a fully independent trader in your own right.  This is no “cut and paste” trading course – it teaches you how to trade alongside the best of them, utilizing the powerful trigger alert software included in the product specification.
  • CD-ROM #4 – Charting Software and Broker Trading Platforms.  Discover the most advantageous way to use some of the best known charting software, along with how to avoid being duped by the unscrupulous broker trading platforms that exist solely to part you from your hard earned dollars.
  • CD – ROM #5 – Bringing it All Together.  Including Q&As, along with “live” trading examples.
  • CD-ROM #6 – Bonus Module – Trading and ETF Basics.  Great for both the novice trader and those who might just want a quick refresher.
  • Full Color Portfolio Prophet Reference Manual.  Containing all that’s in the CD-ROMs in text form.  This means that whether you learn better from reading or video, you have the option for both.
  • Trading Blueprints.  Covering the major ETF trading rules in a handy “cheat sheet” that you can keep next to your trading computer.
  • One Year Unlimited Student Email Support.  24/7 support service, because we all have questions to ask at some point.
  • Prophet Portfolio Automated Setup Identifier and Trade Trigger Software.  To your computer, email or even by text message direct to your cell phone.  This custom software feeds you alerts as soon as trade entries and setups show in the ETF charts.
  • Online Group Mentoring Program.  Here you’ll be able to take part in online  Q&A sessions, as well as getting direct access to Bill Poulos himself and his expert trading team every week.
  • Members only Support and Website Access.

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Who is it for?

Designed to take a rank beginner to ETF trading and provide them with the skills necessary to trade alongside the best of them, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a course only for the rookie trader.  However, nothing could be further from the truth – unless, of course, you’re a full-time professional trader.  The thing is, Portfolio Prophet has turned the traditional trading method of “buy and hold” on its head – advocating that this is a dangerous method both in good and bad economic times.

You might be experienced in other types of trading, but not in the ETF line.  And ETF trading is not something that should be ignored.  Rather it’s another string you should add to your bow, including it alongside your other trades.  So however experienced you are in other fields, if ETF trading is not something you know a great deal about, or you’d just relish the chance to gain a further income potential, the Portfolio Prophet could well be a program for you.

Who is Bill Poulous?

Bill Poulos has been in the trading game since the mid-1970s, gaining his knowledge the hard way, through virtually every type of economic climate.  Weathering the badbill poulos market mastery Portfolio Prophet Review times, this guy knows what he’s talking about when he says that volatile markets are what the savvy trader craves – because if you know what you’re doing, the potential for profit is huge.

For over a decade now, Bill has been providing educational programs to people, just like you, that uncover the deep secrets of successful trades.  Well-presented and easy to follow, Bill’s products have created thousands of part time traders, from all walks of life, who enjoy low risk trading as another income stream to support them and their families.

The Pros

  • Portfolio Prophet is an easy to follow, enjoyable course that will have you able to start trading ETF with the least amount of effort and reducing your risk to the lowest level possible.
  • Shows you how to add another, potentially extremely lucrative, income stream to your regular trading.
  • Not only does the program give you the education you need to start trading, but thankfully follows it up with the necessary support – something many other so called “educational” programs don’t offer.
  • Whilst economic times are bad right now, this won’t always be the case.  This is a dynamic trading method that can be adapted whichever way the market swings.
  • It’s not just a program – it provides you with the education you need to fully understand how the market works.  This means you can customize it as you see fit to make your trading as individual as you are.

The Cons

  • There is an extremely large amount of information contained in Portfolio Prophet.  You might well be a little overwhelmed when it arrives in your home, but never fear, because Bill’s accounted for that.  Included is a Quick Start guide that shows you exactly how to gain the very best from the program, and how to get started in the quickest time possible.
  • Of course, there will always be a risk with any type of trading – the program can’t get rid of that.  However, by giving you the necessary knowledge you can rest assured that the risk level is as low as is humanly possible.

The Bottom Line

For those who’re looking for another potential income stream, then Portfolio Prophet is possibly one of the most in-depth educational programs we’ve come across in a long time.  Even those who’ve been in the game for a while are highly likely to discover new ways of trading – Bill’s years of experience certainly shine through.  We especially like the no-quibble, full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  It shows the guys confidence in his own product and makes it a no-risk purchase for you.

Well done, Bill – your Portfolio Prophet certainly gets the thumbs up from us.

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On March 19th Bill Poulos is going to release his updated Portfolio Prophet program once again, and right here you will be able to get the best Portfolio Prophet bonus available.  Since Profits Run does not allow coupons or a discount, I will be upping the ante on this program.

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If you heard anything about Portfolio Prophet then you know that Bill Poulos has created one of the top Forex programs on the market that has been selling year after year.  With the 2011 new release its even better!

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Portfolio Prophet Bonus #2

A “Forex Made Easy” Course ($199).  A MUST-HAVE guide for all Forex traders. This is a down-to-earth blueprint that will help you learn everything you need to know from A to Z, and for experienced traders will help clarify different concepts that might not be clear or are difficult to understand.  I would like to say this guide is priceless because once you have Forex down, you can print your own paycheck.

Portfolio Prophet Bonus #3

Forex Blaster – Learn how to make $5,000/month with the right trading system.

Portfolio Prophet Bonus #4

Forex Profit Principles – This is what I believe to be one of the most powerful Forex reports ever published.  If you have been trading for a while or a newbie.  You must have this in you library.


You read that correctly.  If you buy Portfolio Prophet the Bill Poulos Forex program, you will be able to choose your bonus PLUS get all the guides!!!

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